Licensed image use - Information required


If you require a quote for licensed use of any of Phils images, please provide Phil with this information:

Specific use: Advertising / Book / Brochure / Literature / Internet / Magazine cover etc

Industry: Advertising / Design / Magazine / Press / Publishing

Intended image size: A4 / A3 / A2 / Magazine full page / Half page / Quarter page

Distribution: Local / National / International

Total circulation: Print / Readership

Licences are usually granted for one time, non-exclusive use only: one image, one publication.

Longer licensed usage is available, please provide exact timeframes.

Any further use requires the purchase of additional licences.

Internet use

Images are licensed for use on one domain only.

A licence does not mean that you can re-sell the image or re-use it in any other way; you do not own the image, it is on loan to you.

Licensed digital file transmission fees are 10.00 GBP per file in addition to quoted usage fee.

Further use on other domains requires additional licence purchases.

If you intend any further use past the license expiry date, please contact Phil for an extension license price quote.

Note: After your licence expires, unless you decide to purchase a new licence, the image file must be completely deleted from your and any of your agents IT equipment, and not stored by you or your agents on any medium.

Phil will require a written confirmation that this has been actioned within 2 business days of expiry date.

Please contact Phil via this link.

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