Information for new models


My aim is to provide you with images that you will be able to use to promote yourself as a model.

I do not work with any specific agency, I provide you with the photographic tools (e.g portfolio images) that you can use to promote yourself with the agency of your choice.

Please arrive promptly at the arranged time.

I prefer to take shots of you looking natural, but please do bring a make-up kit, or your own make up artist if you wish, but do not wear any to start off with.

Nails; shiny, natural and elegant but not painted.

Hair; looking natural as possible.

No jewellery (earrings / rings / chains / piercings) of any type.

Plain colour clothes, with no patterns or visible designs (that includes underwear).

One change of outfit, perhaps something that you might wear for an elegant evening out.

Study poses by your favourite model and try to give them your own personal flavour.

Practice posing in front of the mirror, be honest with yourself and get to know which angles you look the best from.

If you need a specialised set of photos, we can discuss your individual requirements.

I will call you prior to the shoot to finalise the arrangements.

Terms & Conditions

If this is a test shoot (maximum 1 to 1.5 hours only), I will not charge you for the shoot itself.

I will add a set of proof images (images are small, and numbered, for you to choose from) to a Secure Client Gallery page.

If this is a test shoot, you get 2 (two) 8 by 6 inch (20.32 by 15.24 cm) colour gloss prints of your choice as part of the reciprocal arrangement.

Any further prints that you may wish to order will be charged at my standard fees: see Prices page.

I retain full copyright of the images, this is standard business practice for any professional photographer and before the session starts you will, as is standard practice, sign a model release form (you will receive a copy of the form).


Do not scan the provided prints and attempt to use them online (e.g - Facebook or similar).

You may request an electronic version of one image you like via an e-mail message to me.

I will provide you with one internet only file that will look good on any computer screen and a licence (6 months) to use it for that purpose only.

If you have any queries or you are unsure about anything, please call me to discuss it.