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A funeral can mean so many things; it is saying farewell to a mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, wife, husband, partner, friend or work colleague.

A time for everyone to unite to remember their loved one.

A funeral is a unique gathering of people who are there not just to mourn the persons passing but also to celebrate their life.

Phil provides this very special bespoke service for clients who have experienced a bereavement and

wish to record the funeral day in visual images.

Phil will take all photographs in a reportage style with respect and sensitivity.

This is an event that touches everyones lives, so please consider this thought;

It might be better to have photographs that you put away and not look at

than to want photographs that were never taken.

Phil will work closely with immediate family members to ensure that everything that is asked for is achieved.
The following can be included;

Restoration of a favourite photograph of the deceased for the order of service booklet.

Photographs of the deceased, if requested.

Photographs of the hearse or carriage / floral tributes / memorial stone.

The wake.

Special aspects from that persons life,

such as their possessions, their home and garden, can also be visually recorded.

Photographic prints of your loved ones service, grave or memorial can be a comfort for those older relatives or friends who are unable to attend the service.

If the service is held within the London Borough of Newham, there is a minimum order of
20 (twenty) prints*


Any editing / retouching / restoration work


Travel costs



(Recorded delivery)

Please contact Phil for a quotation, thank you.

Phil politely requests a minimum of two weeks (14 calendar days) prior notice so you can be accommodated.


SANDS Charity

Phil was honoured to be the preferred photographer for the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity (SANDS) for Greater London and Essex.
Due to the confidential and highly sensitive nature of this work, prints are only available to order by the parents.


Phil was one of the first in the UK** to offer this specialism, photographing his first funeral in 2003 and now has a deep wealth of experience.

East London Gravestone and Headstone Photography

For those people who are unable to travel or live too far away, Phil is able to search for family memorials within East London and provide photographs of them.

A memorial can also be extremely useful in unlocking your family history - contact Phil for a quote.

Please note

The images will be provided in print form only.

Client viewing galleries will only be active for a period of 8 weeks (56 days) from the date of client notification.

Minimum print order applies to the client who makes the booking.

Please contact Phil for a quote if the work is outside the London Borough of Newham

The quote will include a minimum order of 25 (twenty five) prints*

+ travel expenses + accommodation + postage

All quotations will be sent via e-mail message

A deposit of 50% (fifty per cent) of any quotation provided is required to secure the booking.

  1. +
    The balance of payment invoice will be sent along with the photograph gallery location details.

*Prints are 08 by 06 inches (20.32 by 15.24 cm) only for this service

See Prices page for more details.

All print sizes are dependent on the dimensions of the finalised image file - some bordering may occur.

All photographs shown at top of page are some examples of Phils funeral work

Phil retains the worldwide copyright on all images that he takes, this is standard business practice for any professional photographer and he will not release the master image files.

So to save any embarrassment on either side, please do not ask.

As is standard practice, a professional photographer will only provide what they consider to be their best images from any given assignment

Please also see the Terms and Conditions page for other important image usage information.

** This century

Copyright 2009 Text and photographs Phil Russell, all rights reserved

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A specialism I have been providing since 2003.

Phil is proud to be a member of The Good Funeral Guild